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Today I revisited Esina, a fine dining place in Plaza Senayan, specialized in Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ). They offer only all the best meat you can possible think of, such as premium quality Kobe beef, Australian, Japanese Wagyu beef and the best of Chateaubriand (a particular thick cut from tenderloin,served with a reduced sauce made from white wine & shallots,moistened with demi-glace / French brown sauce and mixed with butter, tarragon,& lemon juice). The restaurant is quite small with minimal design. Most of the place are booth seats with BBQ grill on each table.

The day I went there, they offered Yakiniku set menu, so I took the chance and order that. It consisted of:

Hakusai Kimuchi (Kimchi), Esina Salad: fresh green veggies with sesame oil based dressing.

Capchae: Korean style glass noodle stir-fried in sesame oil with beef and vegetables. Flavorful and delicious dish.

Tan Shio: Salted premium beef tongue.

Wagyu Karubi and Wagyu Tsubo Dsuke Karubi : bite size beef & beef short ribs.

Wakame Soup (2 bowls): Seaweed clear soups.

Gohan: steam rice

I also ordered an extra Tofu Chi Ge: Spicy tofu & beef soup. It was bland and missing the oomph of what a tofu soup supposed to.

Personally, I think Esina is a little overpriced. With very small portion and ordinary taste, it didn’t really stood out from all of the other Japanese/Korean BBQ restaurants out there. The only plus side is the location (at the convenient space inside a mall).



Plaza Senayan 4th Flr.
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021)57852767


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