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One of the most important thing that I look for in a Japanese restaurant is the great sushi. En Dining is the place that I could always count on to have a nice sushi meal. The En Dining Senayan City has a distinctive landmark that noticeable from the outside of the mall. The glass cone triangular shape covers the first to the second floor. The first floor is a spacey area with circular red velvety seats and wooden tables. The second floor is a private room that’s located in the peak of the tube.

To give you an idea of their menu, here are the things that I ordered:

Kani Stick Salad (IDR 49.000): Crab Stick Salad with Onion dressing. Delicious Japanese salad with a hint of soy sauce.

Tempura Udon (IDR 75.000): Udon with tempura in hot Bonito Stock Soup. Yummy soup, great tasting udon. Good mix tempura.

Tonkotsu Ramen (IDR 70.000): Ramen with pork soup and Chasiu. Delish ramen in savory pork broth with tender pork cutlets.

Beef Katsu Curry (IDR 115.000): Breaded Fried Beef with rice and Japanese curry. The beef was good but the curry sauce was too watery.

Chicken Katsu (IDR 60.000, additional Rice IDR 12.000): Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet, great taste, generous poportion but the chicken was all black meat instead of white.

Tiger Rolls (IDR78.000): Love the sushi rolls because they serve really good shrimp tempura,and the sushi rice was the perfect size,not too thick and not too thin.

Crunchy Rolls (IDR 115.000): Sushi rolls with prawn, avocado, and Tempura flakes on the top. A delicious choice for a light meal.



Honey Bread (IDR 53.000): Thick soft and crunchy toasted bread, served with vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam topping. Yummy!

For a pricey Japanese eatery in the mall, En Dining offers something that others doesn’t, a good consistency of satisfying Japanese fine dining. It’s just worth it.


En Dining

Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon Area LG Floor
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 7278 1603



  1. Hi, I’m planning to go to En Dining for an anniversary dinner with hubby through skype (LDR sucks y’all!) Do they have internet connection? And do they have a private room for 2, or perhaps a corner by the window with city view?

    1. Hi Stephanie, so sorry for the late reply, coz we were out of the country for the holidays. Hope u had a wonderful anniversary dinner! Happy new year. 🙂

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