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When it comes to durian in Singapore, the first place that comes to my mind is Geylang. It’s actually a red light district in Singapore, but they also have many late night food and durian stands on the side of the street. Right on Lor 17 Geylang (I just found out that Lor is the abreviation of lorong in bahasa, meaning aisle in english), there’s a pretty big stand selling many kinds of durian and other fruits like mangosteen. From what I heard, mangosteen can provide good neutralizer to the body from eating durian. Not sure if it’s true. This stand, has better durian than the ones on other intersection in my opinion. This one doesn’t sell pinkish peeled durian, which I also heard that this kind of durian are planted with chemicals that make them grow faster. Besides, the seller here are not as pushy as the other ones when it comes to selling their durian.

Anyway, it’s the second time I went there. I was brought there on my first visit by a friend of mine who’s married to a Singaporean and resides there. I also went with a friend who hates durian and never ate durian all his life, mainly because of its strong aroma. Just like my grandpa (who is also anti durian), he usually just walks away whenever there’s durian around. That time though, we all forced him to try the durian since it’s really good. We bought ‘mountain cat’ durian, which is quite expensive (around S$34/kg). The meat was thick, smooth and the color was bright yellow. It tasted sweet plus bitter at the same time, which I like from a durian. It’s better than ‘montong’ for sure. And something weird happened, he actually liked it!!! Now he doesn’t avoid durian like before and can eat a little bit here and there from time to time. This time, the mountain cat durian still satisfies my appetite for durian. But my advice, you should still have to make sure that the durian that you pick is the kind that you want, because once they crack it open, you have to buy it unless it’s bad or rotten. You also have to ask them to weigh the durian in front of you, so you won’t get duped!

Durian stand at Lor 17 Geylang

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