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Modest, simple, real homemade Italian cooking that what Convivium is. My first time here was a few months back, when the restaurant just open it’s door and no one else was there but us. I remember that from day one, they have served outstanding food with good quality and service. That’s why I keep coming back to this place, even though it’s hard to get a seat without a reservation nowadays.

Tiny outdoor seating (smoking area) on the porch with decorated lights at night, greeted me in front of the restaurant. The inside was simple, open kitchen with clear glass, assorted wine bottles and cute Italian knick knacks decorated the walls. There’s a small Convivium bakery at the corner which is famous for their red velvet cakes, cupcakes, and their newest addition: Rainbow cakes and blue velvet cakes (which unfortunately..I didn’t get to try because it was sold out).

To tell you the truth, this time I was kind of disappointed of the waitress. She didn’t have a good knowledge of the menus. It seemed like they’ve hired new people but didn’t train them well. Besides that,the food were still terrific.

We started with Pizzette Fritte (IDR 25.000): Deep fried mini pizza with fresh marinara sauce on the top. Light appetizing dish with a bit of saltiness on the dough and sour refreshing tomato paste on the top.

Mezzelune di Ricotte e Porcini con Olio Tartufato (IDR 100.000): Moon pasta stuffed with Ricotta cheese and Porcini mushrooms with Truffle oil. I love their homemade pasta here! The stuffing of chopped mushrooms and cheese are sensational.

Tagliata con Grana e Balsamico (IDR 130.000): Steak tenderloin thinly sliced with Parmesan and Balsamico. Generous portion of high quality beef, topped with salad with balsamic dressing. The combination between the salty meat, fresh veggies and sweet dressing created a perfect harmony.


Torta Pasione / Red Velvet cake (IDR 38.000): One of the best red velvet cake in town. Red velvety cake with cream cheese and Mascarpone, garnished with dried coconut. Love their red velvet cake because they made freshly by the day. You can really taste the moist and the freshness of the cake.

Torta di Carote / Carrot Cake (IDR 38.000): Yummy fluffy carrot cake with extra soft cream cheese, a hint of Cinnamon and pieces of crunchy pecan walnuts.

For those of you who has a taste for great quality of food and desserts, I think Convivium would quench that thirst.



Panglima Polim IX/1 Melawai
South Jakarta 12160, Indonesia
Phone:(021) 7269963


  1. Hi Niyaoke. Thanks for visiting our site. We appreciate your comments, especially from a fellow blogger such as yourself. Please stay tuned for our many more food adventures. 🙂

  2. I’m an advocate of their red velvet! I still think theirs is better than Union’s anyitme of the day.

    The moon-shaped pasta looks delectable though, I should’ve gone with that last time I went there. I ended up choosing a veal saltimbocca which wasn’t good.

    1. Hoo.. Realy? Union’s red velvet is already pretty good to me. Would really love to try convivium’s soon =)

  3. hi chic urban outeater writer, i really like your blog, modest n cool.
    i dont think convivium has terrific food, i think the taste is just really really average, seriously. Pay a visit at Toscana or aTavola for an authentic italian cuisine, u never regret that. Well i got the same exp as u had (the watrss aint got a good knowledge of their menu) but they are saved by their rvc, it tastes good. but i think so far the best rvc in town are : aTavola, harvest, go curry,union.

    1. Hi ET! Thanks for the comments. We are new bloggers here and still finding our way around. 🙂 It’s a pleasure to know all of you who appreciates our writing. Please revisit our page often, we’ll try our best to update with new reviews, as much as we possibly can.

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