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When I’m longing for Californian food, I seek for CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It’s one of the few California based restaurants that’s available in Jakarta. So when I thought CPK Plaza Indonesia EX branch was closing for good, I was devastated! Turned out it reopened in PX (Puri Mall) St.Moris! Last weekend, I had the chance to visit the new location. The place is cramped, even smaller than the old one. But the main thing was that the food still taste like the original.


Wild Mushroom Soup: Puree of Portobello,Shiitake and White mushrooms,with a touch of cream. Garnish with homemade garlic- herb croutons. (IDR 60.000) The taste was okay, but texture was too thick, it’s more like a dipping sauce than a soup.

The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad: Chopped lettuce,black beans,sweet corn,jicama, cilantro, basil,crispy corn tortilla strips and Monterey Jack cheese tossed together in CPK’s homemade herb ranch dressing. Topped with chopped BBQ chicken breast, fresh diced tomatoes and green onions. (IDR 110.000) My favorite since day one. Light green veggies, the richness of the dressing and the beans,plus the crunchy fried wonton skins,made the perfect fulfiling salad.


Roasted Artichoke and Spinach: Oven roasted artichoke hearts, sauteed  spinach and garlic. Monterey Jack,Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses with a spinach arthicoke sauce with roasted chicken (IDR 120.000) Not really a fan of this one, I think the combination of the cheeses was too strong, it’s like too many stuff going on that you couldn’t taste the arthichokes anymore.

The Meat Creavers: A combination of sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni,Canadian bacon, julienne salami,Mozzarella cheese and CPK tomato sauce. (IDR 110.000) Great choice for meat lovers!

The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza: CPK’s most popular pizza,introduced in their first restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1985. BBQ sauce,Mozzarella cheese, BBQ chicken,sliced red onion and cilantro. (IDR 80.000). Got to try it!


Fettucini Carbonara: Fettucini with smoked bacon, petite peas, and parsley in a Parmesan cream sauce. (IDR 95.000) Rich creamy delicious pasta dish.

Jambalaya: Blackened shrimp and chicken in a spicy Jambalaya sauce served on linguini and topped with fresh green onions. (IDR 110.000) If you’re looking for something different,you should order this. Famous Louisiana Cajun style dish. Spicy,savory,it’s like a party in your mouth.

Chicken Piccata: Thinly pounded chicken breast sauteed in a creamy lemon caper sauce. Served with spagetthini pasta. (IDR 105.000)


Chocolate Souffle Cake: A Belgian chocolate souffle cake,served warm with CPK’s triple-thick hot fudge,on vanilla bean sauce. (IDR 60.000) I was sceptical when I first saw it cause it didn’t look like a souffle at all. But when I took a bite, I fell completely in love with it! The soft fluffy warm chocolate cake, with the frotthy vanilla sauce,and the generous vanilla ice cream…It really made my day.


California Pizza Kitchen

PX Pavilion @ St. Moritz Level 1 Unit 1.
Jalan Puri Indah Raya Block U1 CBD
West Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 310 7667


  1. Honestly, I can never comprehend why CPK charges such premium prices even on the simplest dish to make: the pastas. I might as well pay the same price to eat at Il Mare haha…

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