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Cali Deli is known for it’s Vietnamese sandwiches. The art of the bánh mì (Vietnamese for all kinds of bread) was perfected  by baking their own baguettes, mixing them with the taste of Vietnamese bánh mì with the touch of Indonesian flavor. The cafe was built in 2006 and has established another eatery that served Vietnamese noodles ‘Madam Ching’ right next to it. The Cali Deli place was old styled but cozy, there were outside smoking area that are prepared with flat screen TV and live band corner. The inside was small but homey. This building obviously used to be an old house that’s turned into a restaurant.

Chicken Mushroom Soup (IDR 35.000): Creamy chicken and mushroom soup served in baked baguette bowl. Love the delicious fluffy inside,and crunchy outside bread bowl. Anyhow, the soup was just ordinary.

Cali Deli Love (IDR 50.000): Toasted bánh mì filled with delicate smoked black pepper sliced beef combined with fresh vegetable. Very strong peppery taste. The spicy juicy tender beef slices and the carrots,cucumbers and the other veggies complimented the taste.

Grilled Chicken (IDR 42.000): Toasted bánh mì filled with delicate marinated chicken slices, combined with fresh vegetables. Great tasting sweet and light tangy sandwich.

Because the ‘Madam Ching’s’ was just next door,I took the opportunity to order some from their menu too.

Dry Green Noodle (IDR 36.000): Freshly home made green noodles served with minced chicken,shrimps, fish cakes and spring onions. Really good texture on the noodles, delicious, perfectly seasoned dish.

Chicken Rice Noodle Soup (IDR 55.000): Chicken broth soup with sliced beef and rice noodles, served with bean sprouts, onions, cilantro and chilies. This Vietnamese Pho-like noodle, didn’t really impressed much. The soup didn’t give that extra ‘pow’ which, I think, was supposed to be the main character of the dish.

I think overall, Cali Deli and Madam Ching’s gave good impressions. I’d very likely recommend the yummy sandwiches for your choice of delicious healthy meal.


Cali Deli and Madam Ching’s

Jl. Surabaya 22
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Phone: (021) 98011061 / (021) 98011062

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