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Bubble tea has been around for a while and it’s not a new thing but this shop offers it in a different concept. This newly-opened bubble tea shop has attracted many people including me to come and have a sip of its tea products since it opened its first outlet in Bandung.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the shop was their cute washed moustachy mascot on the wall. It gave me a bit of european vintage feeling. Some people took pictures next to the drawings while holding moustache on a stick provided by CALAiS.

And then I saw this board, that says they’re using imported tea and non preservative organic palm sugar with options on the sugar level.  Hmm..sounds interesting.

Milk Tea, Japanese Macha, Coffee Milk Tea

Here are some of the drinks I ordered with the chosen toppings:
Coffee Milk Tea regular size IDR 18 with coffee noodle jelly IDR 3
Milk Latte regular size IDR 21 with grass jelly IDR 3
Japanese Macha Milk Tea regular size IDR 19 with grass jelly IDR 3
Taro Milk Tea large  size IDR 18 with egg pudding IDR 3
Special Roasted Tea regular size IDR 14 with passion fruit popping pearls IDR 4

All with less sugar and less ice.  Some I drank it on the spot and some for take away.  The plastic glass itself had hand-written quotes done by the CALAiS team, which is quite cute.
For the tea, special roasted tea is okay. The roasted flavor in the tea can be stronger in my opinion. The popping pearl is basically a pearl with syrup inside, so you can taste the sweet syrup flavor when you bite them.
I like all the other drinks. For those of you who like sweet, maybe taro milk pudding is a good choice for you. I also heard that it’s one of their best seller.

For me, CALAiS in Bandung has an interesting concept, and with good drink products… they easily sent buzz to the target audience in the city.  I wish they have option for no sugar thou.

CALAiS  Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee
Paris Van Java Mall #SL-9A
Bandung, Indonesia
P. +62 22 8206 3603
twitter @calaistea
fb: calaistea

Average spending: IDR 21,000

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