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A new eatery emerged from Tony Romas’ old place in Panin building. After so many years of going to that place with the delicious baby back ribs to look forward to, I couldn’t help it but to have higher expectation on the so-called ‘Replacement’.

Cafe Aria’s interior is very spacey and cozy, they’ve completely renovated the spot and transformed it into a cool, hip, younger looking hang out place. A big flower pot welcomes as you stepped inside and you can see the bar in the middle of the restaurant. This place also have a tiny clothing store of local designers’ items. But after the waitress handed me the menu, I’ve forgotten all of that, because the menu contained a huge varieties of food, and I mean HUGE! From nachos, pasta,steaks, dimsum to mie ayam (Chicken Noodle). You name it, they have it all. They even serve Breakfast menus. The only disappointing part was that they don’t offer as many dessert selection.

I was fortunate enough to went there with quite a few people, so we could order a number of Cafe Aria’s specialties.

‘Jembatan Lima’ Chicken Noodle: Mouthwatering Chinese style noodle with shredded chicken & mushrooms on the top. If you long for old style Mie Ayam (chicken noodle),this is the one you should try. Delicious till the last piece!

Duck Pasta with mixed Indonesian Chili,Garlic,Olive Oil: Weird and the duck meat wasn’t too fresh.

Nasi Goreng Tiga Telur: Indonesian style fried rice with chicken & salted duck eggs, tofu pieces, two chicken satays, sambal (chili paste), lalapan (salad) & kerupuk udang (fried shrimp crackers). A bit too salty, but otherwise it’s good.

Roast Chicken with Orange Sauce: Savory roasted marinated half chicken served with hash browns.

Olive Oil & Rosemary-Italian Style Pork Ribs:  Tony Romas style BBQ ribs. Yummy!

Salmon in Sambal Balacan: Italian meets Indonesian. A piece of Salmon sauteed with Balacan chili, on top of cream spinach. The taste was a bit out of there but,it worked. Too bad the Salmon was overcooked.

Warm Chocolate Melt: Great tasting chocolate melt but not a fan of the white chocolate ice cream.

Apple Crumble: Cinnamon sugary apple pieces with chunky bits of cookie like-crumbs. Served with Walnut Ice cream. Sweet & sour enjoyable dessert.

So did Cafe Aria impressed me well? Maybe a little. Overall, the food was okay, the price range was okay, and the service was great. In spite of all, it surely make a nice addition to Jakarta’s collection of colorful fusion restaurants.


Cafe Aria

Gedung Panin Pusat (Jl. Jendral Sudiman Kav. 1), Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 7395828

Average Price: Rp150.000 and above

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