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I first tasted Bon Chon Korean fried chicken in New York City a few years ago, and since then, the fastfood chain restaurant has been all over Asia such as Singapore, Bangkok, and finally,Indonesia. Bonchon chicken is famous for it’s sweet juicy spicy chicken wings. And the amazing thing about it that it’s zero in Trans fat. It’s all made possible by the cooking method that they use which is the 20 minutes frying technique, transforming the chicken skin into paper thin, crackly and almost transparent crust that melts the fat away, while maintaining the juicy meat inside.

I brought my whole family to eat there recently and this is what we ordered:

BonChon Chicken Box (2 Drumsticks/ 3 Thighs/4 Wings /4 Strips + Rice/fries + Drink) (IDR 29.545)

Bulgogi Rice Box (Bulgogi bowl and Drink) (IDR 36.363): Great quality of lean beef sauted with bulgogi sauce. Delicious.

BonChon Bites, Regular 10 bites (IDR 13.181), Large 20 bites (IDR 24.090): Popcorn chicken with all white meat, crispy and juicy, you’ll never get enough. I recommend the spicy one.

Bulgogi Wrap (IDR 20.000): Bulgogi beef wrapped with tortilla skin.

Mochi Ice Cream, S (3pieces) (IDR 14.090), M (6 pieces) (IDR 26.818), L (9 pieces) (IDR 40.000): Available in Strawberry, Vanilla and Mocha flavors.




Gandaria City Lvl. 2#260 Jl. K.H. Syafi’i Hazami No.8
South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (021)23580009

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