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If you’re a carnivore like me, you’ll go just about anywhere to go for a good steak, especially when you hear that the price is affordable.

The place was cleaner than I’ve expected. Located on the second floor (above a Persian carpet store), we had to stepped on the narrow stairs and thought of climbing into a tree house. It was just on it’s 3rd day since it’s grand opening day, so there wasn’t anybody else but us inside. The waitress was very polite and helpful, and we set our choice on the:

Mushroom Fritter (IDR 28.500):Deep fried mushroom with crusted chili flakes and tartar sauce. The generous fried appetizer was crunchy but tasted average.

Rib Eye Angus (IDR 98.000): As soon as I took my first bite, I immediately fell in love with this steak. The juicy red meat was marinated perfectly, it’s so tender and rich of flavor. Plus the black pepper sauce was really good.

Rib Eye New Zealand (IDR 65.000): This one didn’t hit me in the right spot. Even if the taste was good, the meat was kinda tough. But I had to say, the Bif Signature BBQ sauce was a winner. It didn’t have the weird sourness that I usually dislike about BBQ sauce. Instead, it’s fragrant, flavorful with a bit of sweetness in it that worked well with the steak.


BifStop 2

Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No. 10 2nd floor.
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Average Spending: IDR 100.000

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