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Sometimes all you need is a simple hawker food to fill your empty stomach. Bakwan Pabean was originated from East Java, for those of you who aren’t familiar to Bakwan, it’s fried wonton with filling; served with tofu, noodles and meatballs in soupy broth. The dough filling is the mixture of ground meat or fish with flour, wrapped in wonton skin and fried. This kind of bakwan is similar to bakso meatballs soup, and commonly known as ‘Bakwan Malang’ or ‘Bakwan Surabaya’ refer to cities of its origin; Malang and Surabaya in East Java.

The place is located right next to Ace Hardware store in Panglima Polim. It’s not much but quite spacey and decently clean (for Jakarta’s hawker eatery standard).

The recommended menu here are the Bakwan Campur (IDR 18.500): Mixed fried Bakwan with meatballs and tofu in a hot soup. It’s better to eat this meal right away while the wonton is still crispy. It’s a wonderful meal to be enjoy anytime anyday.

The Bakmi Ayam/Chicken Noodle (IDR 14.000) here is also okay: Chinese style noodle with separated soup. The taste is similar to Ya-Mien / Bandung noodle.

Nasi Goreng (IDR 20.000): Simple but delicious – world famous Indonesian meal of all time. Fried rice with eggs, fish meatballs and shrimps.

Pangsit Goreng (IDR 15.000): Fried greasy scrumptious wonton with minced chicken filling.

Other menus that they have here are: Kwetiau Goreng (IDR 20.000), Bihun Masak (IDR 20.000), I Fu Mie (IDR 22.000),etc.

Bakwan Pabean

Jl Raya Panglima Polim 75-B
Kebayoran Baru.
South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone:( 021)7507870 / (021)7669858

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