Author: Posh Eater

Bakmi Permata is one of the most well known noodle places in South Jakarta. The eatery has been there for many years. Before they had all the other branches, this was the first and original restaurant. I still think that this is the best place to eat Bakmi Permata.

What make it unique is that they make their own noodle. The signature dish is the Bakmi Ayam Permata. Delicious Chinese style curly noodle served with steam vegetable and marinated chopped lean chicken. You should also try the Pangsit Goreng (Fried Wonton) and the other Chinese dishes that they offer. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you should try Es Bumi Hangus: Mixed fruit cuts, young coconut meat, black sticky rice with shaved ice, sugar syrup and coconut milk. Refreshing and fulfiling at the same time. Bakmi Permata is usually packed on lunch time, especially on the weekend.

Bakmi Permata

Jl.Niel Blok D 6-8, Permata Hijau
South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (021)5346375

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