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It’s often quite confusing to choose which restaurant to visit among the so many new eateries in Kemang. Many of them were even gone before I had the chance to try them. The Alcoholics Bar and Grill hasn’t been around for long (opened on March 2012 to be exact), the name itself might sparks your curiosity and skepticism at the same time. At first glance, the three stories building looks like any other Bar/Grill in the area. Consisted of a bar on the first floor and restaurants on the second and third floor, the interior was average with exposed white bricked wall and huge alcohol related posters. But when I first see the menu, honestly I was surprised to see how many varieties they’ve got. From Western, Italian, French, Dutch to Australian dishes are available in the menu, all with a hint of alcohol in each and every one of them! I guess they wasn’t kidding when they put “The Only Place Where You Can ‘Eat’ Alcohol” as their slogan. But Don’t be fooled by the all alcohol infused meals because the cooking process had already vaporized most of the alcohol, so the only thing that you can taste is the delicious natural sweetness from the booze.

The friendly staffs were very helpful and well acquitted with the menu. I ordered their signature menus:

Holland Goulash (IDR 48.000): Dutch style beef stew with pieces of carrots. Very nice color and texture, delicious thick beef soup that you can really taste.

Guinness Mini Burger (IDR 50.000): 5 bite size full stack hamburgers, beef patty made with Australian minced beef infused with Guinness Stout. Really cute looking and hearty juicy burger that you can really sink your teeth into. Delicious right to the core!

Brandy Garlic Prawn (IDR 48.000): Brandy and garlic marinated prawn with pieces of toasted french bread at the bottom. The taste itself was kind of bland, but the shrimp was fresh and beautiful.

Beer Can Chicken (IDR 198.000): Beer streaming rotisserie whole chicken, served with generous amount of chips, mushy peas and salad for 4 people. This dish took 90 minutes to cook, so it might be a good idea to pre-order it first. The presentation is quite a show itself. The whole bird is balanced on it’s 2 legs, on a tripod-like beer can. The chicken meat was tender with delicious crispy skin. But the important thing about this dish for me was the sauce and the mushy peas. The peppery salty sauce with the strong tasty peas created a perfect combination to be eaten with the simple chicken meat. It’s a fantastic meal to be experienced.

Jack Daniel’s Baby Back Ribs (Full slab IDR 180.000): Prime Australian baby back ribs grilled with homemade Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce,served with french fries. Love Love Love this dish!! Probably one of the Best ribs in Jakarta (in my opinion of course). The pork meat was super tender, the meat fell right off the bone. The sauce was amazing! Sweet, salty, tangy,with a hint of fresh sourness that marinated well in the meat. It’s a Winner.

Khalua Soufflé (IDR 38.000) with Bailey ice cream: The soufflé was beautiful with the right consistency. Delicious ice cream with strong Bailey flavor.

Grandmenir Panacotta (IDR 35.000): Good Panacotta.

Brandy Creme Brulle (IDR 35.000): Average dessert.


Alcoholics Bar and Grill
Jl.Kemang Raya No.72N
Jakarta SelatanPhone: (021) 719 5675
www.alcoholicsbar.comAverage Spending: IDR 200.000

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