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Today I went to try this newly open restaurant located on a busy Barito street. You can easily spot it from the view of it’s bright orange name sign and food promotion banners in front of the building.

While the exterior of the building didn’t impress me much, the first level was a different story to tell. White decorated cake display and the all white and orange furniture are soothing to the eyes and created a more expensive look. The first level is the Bakery and Deli area. There are also tables here for high tea and coffee time.  The dining area on the second level was just okay. The one thing that I like was the orange colored trees mural on the wall. It added a nice touch to the place.

The menu here was quite confusing because they have everything from Manadonese to Italian food. I started with the Pink Strawberry Lemonade drink (IDR 33.000) and Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade (IDR 33.000). While the look of it resembles Strawberry juice, the taste was surprisingly refreshing and nice. I could taste the fresh lemonade and the Strawberries chunks in it. And the best part was that the Strawberries didn’t taste like it has been frozen.

Salad Pengantin (IDR 30.000): This fusion style of Indonesian style ‘Bride Salad’ with sour peanut sauce, was amazing. Instead of the usual traditional salad consisted of lettuce,diced pineapple, cucumber and fried tofu, Alba Fattoria presented a simple but brilliant version of fresh Lettuce with fried onion rings on the top. The light flavorful dressing was superb. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Thai Beef Salad with Asian Chili Dressing (IDR 37.000 ): the Thai salad served in the crunchy Tortilla bowl was too sour and the beef was also tough. Sadly the only good thing about this was the edable Tortilla bowl.

Ikan Bakar Dabu Dabu (IDR 85.000): Grilled Tilapia fish, with Dabu Dabu/Manadonese chili base sauce, it comes close to Mexican Salsa. While the sauce is pretty good, the fish wasn’t that fresh.

Terong Bakar Teri (IDR 33.000): Grilled eggplants with chili paste and anchovy. Delicious juicy eggplants with tasty chili paste, the anchovy added the fantastic extra crunchiness.

Sirloin Dabu Dabu (IDR 65.000): The beef was tough and it didn’t marinated well with the Dabu Dabu paste. It wasn’t my favorite.

Chicken Fajita (IDR 35.000) and Texas Grilled Chicken wrap (IDR 35.000): Wraps with chicken filling, guacemole,cheese and lettuce. The filling was tasty but I think the Tortilla skin was too thick. And because it was served cold, the skin was kinda of tough. It might have been better if it’s reheated first before eaten.

Chocolate Varlhona Souffle (IDR 37.000): I gave 7/10 for this Souffle. It needed a stronger chocolate taste, but beside that, it’s a fantastic Souffle worth tasting for.



Alba Fattoria

Jl. Barito 2 No.35 South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 7279 0315/ (021) 7279 0371

Average Spending: IDR 110.000

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