Top Yammie – Jakarta

Author: Posh Eater

My next culinary trip brought me to Top Yammie. This brightly lit Chinese restaurant is very noticeable among the restaurant rows on Labu street. The inside was quite cozy and big. Consisted of two levels, the second level are all private rooms with Karaoke machines ready to be use, while the first level are the dining area.

Ya Mien Regular (IDR 27.000): Chinese style noodle with minced chicken and mushroom. The taste was ordinary, good quality and generous portion of noodle.

Cak Qhue (IDR 5.400): Chinese style long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of salty dough.

Lumpia Udang Ala Fajar (IDR 165.000): Fried Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce on the side. It’s good but I think it  needed a more seasonings.

Cumi Cumi (IDR 136.620): Probably one of the best deep spicy fried shrimp in Jakarta. Recommended to try.

Panggang Campur (IDR 248.400): Mix grilled meat,poultry and seafood (chicken, pork, jellyfish, duck).


Top Yammie

Jl. Labu No.5
West Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021)659 2852 / (021) 659 2888 / (021) 659 5777
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ini di deket mana ya? muara karang situ bukan sih? perasaan pernah lewat tapi lupa hehe


I love their paikut!

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