Takemori – Dharmawangsa Square – Jakarta

Author: Posh Eater

What makes a perfect Japanese Shabu-Shabu meal? Great quality of beef & vegetables, the perfect mix of dipping sauce and reasonable price.That’s what Takemori shabu2-shabu in Darmawangsa Square is all about. The soup stock is also very tasty and Not loaded with MSG like the others might do. To top it off, they give out Free Refills on Ice Lemon tea & Ocha drinks!


My favorite order is the large Australian Beef set: 250 grams of fresh sliced beef, vegetables & a bowl of rice.

Fried Enoki Tempura: Crispy crunchy fried mushroom with hot dipping sauce.

Besides Shabu-shabu, they also have Sushis, Udon and other Japanese choices on the menu.




Dharmawangsa Square Lt. 2 No. 46.
Jl. Dharmawangsa VI – IX , Jakarta 12160, Indonesia
Phone: +62217278-8373
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