Sate Penyu Lapangan Trisakti – Bali

Author: Chic Eater

Right after we finished lunch at Take, we went to Sate Penyu Lapangan Trisakti which is just around the corner. It’s located on an empty space that looks like a parking lot. We heard their satay’s really good, so we order some of their sate penyu (turtle satay) and we weren’t disappointed.

Its tender meat with flavoring from all the spices like coriander seeds make the taste just right and made me want to order some more. Although the name of the satay is turtle satay, according to some people, the meat is not actually from turtle since they have become an endangered species, but combined or made from pork meat instead. The satay comes in 8 skewers per portion. You better come here before 5pm or they might already leave for the day.

Sate Penyu Lapangan Trisakti
JL. Patih Jelantik
Kuta, Bali

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