Mojo – Jakarta

Author: Posh Eater

This tiny restaurant is located on the corner between Kertanegara and Senopati Raya Street. The bright interior has a part of a green house feeling with it’s glass roof and green patterned wall. The service was friendly and nice too.


Chipotle-pears Braised Short Ribs (IDR 99.000): 180 gr. Beef short ribs, Olive-tomato Rice, Caramelized corn, Mojo Verde and Fried Shallots. The ribs was dry, the taste was just average. The only good thing about this dish was the sauce.

Pescado A la “Veracruzana” (IDR 85.000): Pan fried Baramundi with Baby Potatoes, Sauteed Vegetables and Mexican Tomato Stew. Good taste but the fish was overcooked.


Grandma’s Classic Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream (IDR 50.000): The pie was just okay, wasn’t a fan of the ice cream,which has been in the fridge too long.

Churros Con Chocolate (IDR 35.000): Churros with Chocolate sauce. The Churros was tasty, with good texture. Nice sauce too.




Jl.Kertanegara No.70
Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 722 9330

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