Mamma Rosy – Kemang – Jakarta

Author: Posh Eater

This open space, brightly sunlit ethnic Balinese styled restaurant is a perfect home for an authentic Italian home cooking. They also provide indoor dining ,with a touch of Spanish interior, for those of you who prefer air conditioning.  Mamma Rosy’s simple but cozy surroundings with big garden, Orchid flowers and pattern tiles brings a family friendly Italian dining experience. The service was also very hospitable.


Tris (IDR 49.000): Mixed appetizer trio of Vitello Tonnato (Finely sliced roast beef sirloin with a tonnata sauce of tuna, mayonnaise and capers). Delizioso!

Instalata Russa (IDR 39.000): Warm salad of spring vegetables with fresh mayonnaise and lemon), and Torta Pasqualina (Savory cake with spinach, Ricotta cheese, parmesan and egg). Tasty and all the fresh ingredients really stood out from this dish.


Insalata Greca (IDR 44.000): Green lettuce, feta cheese,onions, black olives, and tomatoes. Fresh veggies and cheese, generous amount of olives. A little too dry on the dressing for my liking ,but it’s tasted marvelous.

Cannelloni (IDR 69.000): Homemade pasta tubes with ragu, spinach, besciamella, nutmeg and parmesan. There wasn’t much on the presentation,but the pasta was al dente, the sauce was bold, overall the dish was fantastic.

Filleti Alla Ligure (IDR 99.000) with potato wedges: Fish fillets cooked in oven with wine, capers, cherry tomatoes and black olives. Super fresh fish that you can taste, perfect seasonings, really tasty.


Budino Della Nonna (IDR 34.000): Grandma’s recipe pudding with eggs, amaretti biscuits and caramel sauce. Moist and creamy pudding with tasty soft layer of biscuits on the bottom.

Zuppa Inglese (IDR 39.000): Savoiardi biscuits dippen in red Alkermes liqueur with chocolate custard. Really strong liqueur, fantastic dessert.

Crostata Di Mele (IDR 34.000): Apple crumble with raisins, egg fresh custard and vanilla ice cream. The apple cubes were perfectly marinated into sweet apple cubes. It’s wonderful but I’d preferred more of the crunchy delicious crumbles, Please.



Mamma Rosy

Jl.Kemang Raya 58

Phone: (021) 71791592

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Thanks for the objective article on Mamma Rosy, we will open very soon the rooftop Bar – CIELO Bar and more live music and DJ on weekends …


Thanks for visiting our blog. Your valuable comments are very much appreciated. We’re looking forward to review ur next new venture.


You got me at budino della nonna. Sounds (and looks) like a tastebud comforting dessert. Are those desserts in the actual serving sizes or tasting size?


Hi Ruby, FYI those are the actual serving sizes.

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