Ikkudo Ichi – Alam Sutera Tangerang

Author: Posh Eater

Ikkudo Ichi ramen’s branch in Alam Sutera Tangerang has a beautiful look of Japanese Sakura tree blooms and hanging white lanterns.  The food here  is mostly non halal (contains pork), there are 2 choices of noodles: Small and Curly. Personalized meal are available here, with choices of the Flavor strength (Weak-Normal-Strong), how you like the noodles to be cooked ( Soft-Normal-Hard) and the amount of the richness in the soup  (Light-Normal-Heavy).

Buta Ramen (IDR 43.800): Ikkudo’s signature pork ramen. I chose the Normal flavor with Hard cooked Curly noodle and  Heavy richness. For me the pork broth was too much, but the noodle was extra tasty and cooked perfectly.

Buta Kara Miso (IDR 49.800): Pork ramen with Japanese miso.

Tori Miso (IDR 49.800): Chicken ramen with Japanese miso.

Minced pork Chasu (IDR 6000): Pork side dish. Great to be eaten with the noodle.

Yaki Tori Gyoza Ebi Iri (IDR 35.000): Grilled chicken with prawn gyoza. Delicious juicy gyoza.









Ikkudo Ichi

Alam Sutera
Flavor Bliss Ext. Kav.6 Unit 2
Tangerang, Banten 15325

Phone: (021) 29005060

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