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As soon as I entered Gia Restaurant for a nice lunch with Posh Eater, Beverly Hills kinda style came to mind. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but there’s something in the interior that reminds me of it.  Especially when the name of the restaurant itself and their signature drinks derived from American Italian born models. The cutleries was nicely set tied together with rosemary. A small detail that made me insanely curious with what they have to offer.

The overall interior was glamorous vintage with rich decoration ornaments that complemented it without going over board with it. This latest baby from Ismaya family is definitely in a class of its own. It offers a complete high end dining experience, one, I can say early in the review, not to be missed by any frequent fine diners.

Gia - Menu

Gia - Menu

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior

Gia - Interior Detail

Gia - Interior

Strawberry Juice
Gia - Drink

This attractive complimentary black & white bread were filled with cheese garlic fillings on the black one and onion and olive fillings on the white one. Taste was also satisfying.
Gia - Bread

Portobello (IDR 115) – grilled portobello mushrooms, trufle fondue, tatsoi, aged balsamic. Even though, the main ingredients were just portobello mushrooms, if they were cooked with such an elegant way and mixed with these lovely ingredient combinations, it could turn out to be a wonderful dish.
Gia - Food

Bottarga (IDR 110k) – tuna bottarga linguine spicy aglio oglio, cherry tomatoes, with sicilian crumbs. First of all, the spaghetti was cooked al dente with all the right seasonings and spiciness. And it was cooked with fresh cherry tomatoes that gave it a value-added point for freshness.
Gia - Spaghetti

Porchetta (IDR 160k) – char-grilled pork belly and foie gras, apple puree, and balsamic shallots. The dish was truly the highlight of our lunch. Everything from the dish was perfect from any single detail. Even though I’m a bit “allergic” to the fat, but I ate it after all and sinfully enjoyed it to the optimal state. Great work chef!
Gia - Belly

Bistecca (IDR 340k) – 250gm char-grilled stockyard sirloin, veal jus, gorgonzola polenta on the side, tatsoi. Another star of Gia’s menu. The beef was tender and juicy. It was cooked perfectly with spot on flavor from the veal jus. Gorgonzola polenta, however, was somewhat relative to your taste bud’s preferences. If you like the sourness of a gorgonzola cheese, you will love it, or it could be the other way around.
Gia - Steak

Ricci (IDR 250k) – sea urchin spaghettini, black caviar with pork crackers. Everything was great, nothing smelly although some sensitive ingredients were used like sea urchin and caviar, except for the pork crackers that was kinda soggy and was hard to bite. I could not understand how the chef team could miss this one. The crackers became the buzzkiller of the dish. So we just left it behind, untouched.
Gia - Spaghetti

Branzino (IDR 275k) – salt crusted sea bass, with oregano dressing and tatsoi.  The fish was also fresh, cooked perfectly and didn’t smell fishy.
Gia - Fish

Branzino after being cut. Look at the slightly pink color on the inside, showing that it was cooked just right.
gia 22

Wild Berries Lemon Sorbet (IDR 95k) drowned in champagne. – Well the name says it all and I’m a fan of fruit, sorbet and champagne. Together, it made me one happy camper.
Gia - Dessert

Valrhona Chocolate Symphony (IDR 85k) – chocolate gelato, tart and mousse. A delectable dessert for you guys who love chocolate.
Gia - Dessert

Cannoli Siciliani (55k) – ricotta cream, hazelnut gelato, pop corn. Taste a bit bland like it’s supposed to, but beautifully presented. The condiments was not only adding points to the presentation but also gives more flavor to balance the whole dessert.
Gia - Dessert

Butterscotch Budino (IDR 55k) – a wonderfully presented and yummy creamy salted caramel custard
Gia - Dessert

Monica Bellucci (IDR 115k) – brandy, dark chocolate liquer, vanilla liquer mixed with half and half. Served in a smoking milk bottle with brandied cherries. Basically it tasted something like baileys but the whole experience was definitely adding value to the drink.
Gia - Drink

At the end of the lunch, I left Gia Restaurant with fully satisfied belly.  The only thing that I feel lacking was the server’s attentiveness, especially for restaurant of this stature. There’s also one time when I called one of the guy, instead of helping me immediately, he looked reluctant and asked another waiter to help me instead. Aside from its service issue, this new baby of Ismaya Group is definitely better compared to their other new establishment at Grand Indonesia in my opinion.


GIA Jakarta
Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower, GF Unit 7-8
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 – 5795 3300

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30 – 14.00
Dinner Sun – Thu 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm, Fri – Sat 6 pm – midnight
Lounge Sun – Thu 11.30 pm – 1.00 am, Fri – Sat 11.30 pm – 2.00 am


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