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Author: Chic Eater

Nowadays there are artisan versions of everything. Even for a bakery. While I was waiting on Benedict’s queue line, I checked out Francis Artisan Bakery, located just in front of the entrance to 99 Ranch Market. The store size was just average with all the products stacked neatly on the table and shelves. The open kitchen atmosphere with the smell of freshly baked products were definitely a plus.

francis artisan bakery 1

After checking out and trying some of their samples, I found that their artisan pastry products were quite interesting with many flavour selections. The texture of their pastry was good..crispy with a bit of moist inside. The flavours selected were nice as well.

Their products were dominated by puff pastry with some bread items. You would not find any cake and its families in that store. I love and welcome the emergence of French patisserie in Jakarta. I ended up buying several items to take home.

francis artisan bakery 3

francis artisan bakery 2

francis artisan bakery 4

francis artisan bakery 5

francis artisan bakery 6

francis artisan bakery 7

francis artisan bakery 8


Francis Artisan Bakery
Grand Indonesia
East Mall LG, Unit EM 11
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1,
Jakarta Pusat

Phone: +62-21 235 800 19
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm Daily


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is the taste good? heard about this from a friend of mine. is it better than breadlife?


Hi Michael, it’s good but you can’t really compare it with breadlife since breadlife have different type of bread (more towards taiwanese bread). So it depends with what kind of bread you like more.

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