Dill Gourmet Cafe – Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Author: Posh Eater

A different concept for a fast serving restaurant that serves good quality food,is what I think about Dill Gourmet Cafe. As part of Culture Royale catering company, this newly opened place sets apart from the other high priced restaurants in Plaza Indonesia shopping mall. The small but nicely decorated restaurant is a perfect venue for fast paced business lunches.

Beef Cabernet Sandwich (IDR 41.000): Sliced roast beef, Rocket green, Relish, Green Onion,Cabernet sauce. A delicious sandwich with fragrant wine sauce that you can actually taste.

Canneloni (IDR 30.000): Good Italian Spinach Canneloni with generous fillings and creamy sauce.

Korean Spicy Chicken (IDR 34.000): Rice bowl with Teriyaki-like chicken. Tasty sweet sauce and delicious chicken.

Hazelnut Praline Daqois (IDR 27.000): Nice textured chocolate Praline cake with pieces of Hazelnut and soft butter cream.



Dill Gourmet Cafe

Plaza Indonesia LB F43
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021) 29924512
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