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There’s another nice Italian restaurant in Plaza Senayan. It doesn’t really stood out between the many restaurant rows there, but many have heard and went there over the years,including me. I recently went there on a Monday night, and the place was quite busy for a weekday.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (IDR 65.000): Love their salad. The dressing is really fragrant and tasty. Yummy grilled chicken added the flavor.

Vellutata di fungi profumati al tartufo (IDR 48.000): Average Mushroom soup with truffle foam. Can’t really taste the truffle.

Linguini con Vongole veraci, zucchini e olio extra vergine d’oliva (IDR 78.000): Linguine with Manila clams, zucchini and extra virgin olive oil. Fantastic pasta with fresh clams. It could do better with a bit more salt.

Branzino del pacifico al forno con pomodorini e olive nere (IDR 98.000): Oven baked pacific sea bass fillet with tomato and black olive and crispy fried onion rings on top. Perfectly cooked fish, yummy tomato sauce, it’s a really good dish.

Galletto alla griglia con patate e salsa al pomodoro piccante (IDR 98.000): Barbecue Spring Chicken with mashed potatoes and spiced tomato sauce. The chicken was juicy,tender,marinated well.

Pepperoni Pizza (IDR 75.000): I love their thin crispy but soft cheesy pizza with tomato mozzarella beef sausage and bell pepper. All of the fresh ingredients works together, creating a superb tasting pizza.


Avorio Ristorante and Bar

Plaza Senayan 4th Floor CP 409

Phone: (021) 57900277

Average Spending: IDR 150.000

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