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Author: Posh Eater

I never got tired of seafood. There are seem to be unending delicious varieties of Indonesian seafood all over the city that are waiting to be indulge. Aroma Sedap is my latest food endeavor. It wasn’t hard to find the restaurant, it’s located across the road from Anomali Coffee or a few steps before Bunga Rampai. I was immediately drawn by the elegant fancy look of this place, I guess I was more used to humble Indonesian seafood eateries. Aroma Sedap is a very cozy looking place with lots of accommodation and a big private room on the second floor. There’s also a nice wall mural of the local heritage, a subtle touch to the modern Dutch Colonial structure.

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Private Room

Private Room

I can’t wait to try the food, of course their main here is seafood and I just went ahead with my friend’s recommendation.

Ikan Kudu-Kudu

Ikan Kudu-Kudu Bawang Putih

Ikan Kudu – Kudu Bawang Putih (IDR 460.000/20 onz): Originally from Makasar, South Sulawesi, this Boxfish is exactly like its name. The presentation itself was beyond cute. The fried fish fillet was crunchy, salty, spicy and totally a comfort food.

Kepiting Jantan Jumbo Maco

Kepiting Jantan Jumbo Maco

Kepiting Jantan Jumbo Maco (IDR 280.000/7 onz): Fresh male crabs with plenty of meat, the sauce was sweet, savory, garlicky, fragrant and finger licking good. It has officially became my personal favorite.

Kangkung Bunga Pepaya

Kangkung Bunga Pepaya

Kangkung Bunga Pepaya (IDR 35.000): Water spinach and Papaya flower Indonesian style. Some of you might find the papaya flower to be bitter, but it actually worked well with the spicy salty seasonings.

In my opinion, this tastefully new eatery can be a magnet for seafood lovers, mainly owing to the quality of the raw materials and great taste. Maybe you should find out yourself.

Aroma Sedap

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 43
Menteng, Central Jakarta – 10310

Phone: (021) 390 2312

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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